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May 2, 2014 9:00am PDT
stiffer sanctions, sanctions on the various sectors of russia's economy, the mining sector and believes that would have a bigger bite than sanctions implemented so far which largely target individuals. russia has been hesitant to move forward with stiffer sanctions because they are far more dependent on russia for things like oil than the united states is. so that is where the divide comes in. president obama has said he doesn't want to move forward without his european allies because he wants to present a united front to russia. the u.s. calculation being that that is far stronger than if the u.s. were to move forward unilaterally with those sectoral sanctions but germany is the linchpin here. so president obama will be trying to do some arm twisting. as you say, another issue that might come up the nsa, the two leaders could discuss the fact that german chancellor merkel was quite upset by the revelations that her cell phone had been happened. but the issue of ukraine will overshadow all of the other issues. >> and jean cummings, you've covered economics in the business world for so m
May 1, 2014 9:00am PDT
a loan package for kiev, to help ukraine get back on its feet and withstand pressure from russia. i spoke to christine lagarde about all of this earlier today. >> let's talk about ukraine, the imf has taken this step of approving the $17 billion for two years of loans. 3 billion immediately distributed made available to ukraine. how will this help the kiev government? i think it will help them significantly. number one, there were clearly in need of urgent help financially, number two it will support them in their determination to reform the economy with the imf support, but also with -- we hope international support coming from other sources such as other international financial institutions and hopefully other countries as well that will rally to help and support the ukrainian authorities the economic situation. >> at the same time, there are other challenge is military and they now acknowledge they lost control of two key provinces in eastern ukraine. as long as they lose control of eastern ukraine, effective control and that is the industrial base, how can their economy ever really re
Apr 29, 2014 9:00am PDT
russia, today europe is following suit but nothing so far as stopped scenes like this in donetsk where pro-russian militants attacked a pro-kiev unity rally. more today from my exclusive interview with treasury secretary jack lew. >> these are very important sanctions. they are sanctions that will get their attention. >> war of words. secretary of state john kerry backtracks about using the a word apartheid to describe a future israeli state if the palestinians don't become a separate nation but admitting he chose the wrong word hasn't quieted his loudest critics. >> before any further harm is do to our national security interest and critical alliance with israel that john kerry should offer president obama his resignation. >> judgment day, what will be the cost for clippers owner donald sterling after making racist comments? we'll find out this afternoon. >> if nothing happened you can boycott in the offseason, not just the clippers b s but the w league has to. if he's not thrown out, you have to do something. >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we're facing another day o
Apr 28, 2014 9:00am PDT
could save you 15% or more. >>> president obama announced more sanctions against russia over ukraine but getting an agreement with europe has not been easy. is it too little to late to get vladimir putin to change his policy? chuck todd is traveling with the president and filed this report for us on the sanctions and latest from the philippines. >> good evening from manila. the president is now asleep after having his third state dinner from four nations on this week-long trip to asia. this one his first visit to the philippines as president. this had to do with a new basing disagreement. for years the u.s. used to have a lot of military to military contacts here in the philippines and that went away over the last 20 years. this is renewing it, a 10-year deal and you will have now more of a u.s. military presence here in the philippines. this asia pivot that the president has been pushing, really has the focus in many ways had been on the economic side but there's also been an expansion of the u.s. military footprint a few years ago there was a basing agreement made in australia and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4